Family and General Dentistry: How St. Charles Residents Can Tell the Difference
family dentistry Dentistry is home to many practices and concentrations. From pediatric dentistry to endodontics to oral surgery, dentists have many avenues they can pursue when caring for patients’ teeth.
Two specialties or descriptors that are closely related, yet have several key differences are the fields of general dentistry and family dentistry. When you see one, the other or both labeled on a St. Charles dentist’s office, knowing the difference can be the initial clue to determining if the dentist is the right one to care for your and your family’s teeth.
A general dentist typically performs dental services on adults. This dentist may offer procedures geared toward adults only and may not offer pediatric services, such as applying dental sealants.
Family dentists are those that care for patients of all ages. Family dentists do not typically restrict their practice by a particular age group. Dentists in this type of practice are as well-versed in educating young people about their dental health.
It is certainly possible to be a general and family dentist. In fact, that’s what Dr. Isbrandt’s St. Charles office is. He does not restrict his dental services by age, meaning he can care for an entire family’s dental needs, from the toddler to the grandparent.

What Are the Benefits of Seeing a Family and General Dentist in St. Charles?

By opening his practice to those of all ages, Dr. Isbrandt can help set young people on the road to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Family dentistry highly emphasizes prevention and keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible so cavities do not occur. Some benefits of seeing a family and general dentist versus just a general dentist include:
  • Children can continue seeing the same dentist for many years.
  • Family members can come to the dentist office on the same day and have their teeth cared for.
At Dr. Isbrandt’s St. Charles, IL dentist office, patients of all ages can count on the dental team to provide a caring, high-quality experience.