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By Dr. John Isbrandt
January 31, 2017
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Find out who should be getting oral cancer screenings and why.oral cancer

You aren’t a smoker and no one in your family has had oral cancer so maybe you think that it can’t happen to you. Just because you don’t have any risk factors doesn’t mean that oral cancer can’t happen to you. This is why you should be visiting our St. Charles, IL, general dentist every six months for routine exams so that we can make sure that everything looks healthy.

During an oral cancer screening, our St. Charles dentist will examine your mouth to look for any precancerous or cancerous symptoms. By performing these exams when you come into our office there is a greater chance that we will be able to detect problems early enough that it will be curable.

While everyone should get an oral cancer screening, those with a higher risk of oral cancer should absolutely take advantage of these simple screenings. Certain risk factors include:

  • Using tobacco products, whether chewing tobacco, cigars or cigarettes
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Long-term sun exposure (e.g. those who have to work outdoors)
  • Having oral cancer in the past

Besides getting regular screenings there are obviously some changes you can make to reduce your chances of oral cancer such as quitting smoking or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

In between routine visits, it’s important that you are always on the lookout for any changes that may occur to your oral health that we should be aware of. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then it’s time to call us for a visit:

  • A red or white patch in your mouth
  • A sore or lump in your mouth or throat
  • Trouble or pain moving the tongue or jaws
  • Difficulty chewing or speaking
  • Loose teeth with no obvious cause
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Pain or numbness anywhere in your mouth

Whether it’s time to schedule your next six-month cleaning or you are experiencing symptoms that have you concerned, never hesitate to turn to our St. Charles, IL, family dentist, Dr. John Isbrandt whenever you need it.

By Dr. John Isbrandt
December 02, 2016
Category: Dental Procedure
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Learn more about Invisalign from your St. Charles dentist.

The Invisalign System is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without the restrictions that come with metal braces. Rather than metal invisalignbrackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that have been custom-made for your teeth. Dr. John Isbrandt in St. Charles, IL, offers Invisalign for a straighter smile. Read on to find out if Invisalign is appropriate for every age.

Kids & Invisalign

Children can need braces for any number of reasons, including overlapping, overcrowded, crooked teeth or a "bad bite." Most dentists do not recommend Invisalign for children because they do not have a full set of permanent teeth. The Invisalign System does not offer the flexibility that you would have with traditional braces and is not able to address many of the structural bite problems that you might find in younger children.

Teens & Invisalign

Invisalign is popular with teens who are self-conscious about wearing metal braces. With braces, there is a long list of foods your teen shouldn’t eat, from raw carrots to popcorn and apples. With the Invisalign System, there are no restrictions. The removable Invisalign aligners make it easy for your teen to floss and brush your teeth normally to maintain proper oral hygiene. With Invisalign, your teen can also continue playing musical instruments properly, without metal braces getting in the way.

Adults & Invisalign

Invisalign is recommended for adults of all ages. You've probably wanted to have straighter teeth for a while, but at this stage in your adult life, traditional metal braces are not a choice you are willing to consider. The Invisalign System offers you the convenience and flexibility to live life without the hassle associated with metal braces. You will achieve a beautiful smile with little interference in your daily life.

Say goodbye to that crooked smile. Millions of individuals across the globe have straightened their teeth with the Invisalign System. Perhaps it's time you joined them? If you live in the St. Charles, IL, area, call Dr. Isbrandt at (630) 584-8787 to schedule your next dental appointment. If you want a million-dollar smile, the Invisalign System is the clear path forward.

By Dr. John Isbrandt
September 28, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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What your dentist in St. Charles wants you to know about nutrition and your smile

Eating right doesn’t just help you stay lean and trim. A healthy diet is also a key piece of keeping your smile healthy too. You need to be nutritionable to recognize the foods that are good for your smile, and also the foods that can destroy your smile. Dr. John Isbrandt, your dentist in St. Charles, IL wants to share why you should eat healthy for more than just your waistline.

You should first focus on the foods that are good for your smile, and incorporate them into your diet. Foods that are good for your smile include:

  • Yogurt--because of its high calcium and protein content; calcium and protein help to strengthen tooth enamel. It also has lots of good bacteria which can help keep your mouth healthy. Be careful to always choose the brand of yogurt lowest in sugar.
  • Cheese--because it elevates the pH level in your mouth, which can help decrease your risk of tooth decay; cheese also increases saliva production which buffers your teeth from the harmful effects of stomach acid. Cheese is also a great protein and calcium source to strengthen tooth enamel.

Other foods that are high in calcium and protein include leafy green vegetables and almonds.

Your dentist wants you to know that there are foods that can help to clean your mouth naturally. These foods include:

  • Apples and celery--because chewing these foods causes friction which cleans your mouth of food particles and also increases circulation in your gums
  • Carrots--because they increase your flow of saliva, which rinses out your mouth

Your dentist in St. Charles wants you to pay special attention to the foods that can damage your tooth enamel and your smile. Try to avoid these foods to protect your smile:

  • Sports drinks and soda--because of their high sugar content, which can cause tooth decay
  • Juices and citrus fruits--because of their highly acidic properties which can erode tooth enamel
  • Chewy or hard candy--because their high sugar content combines with your normal oral bacteria to produce bacterial acid, which can cause tooth decay

Eating healthy is about more than just keeping a trim waistline; eating healthy can help provide you with a lifetime of smiles too. To learn more about how nutrition affects your smile, call Dr. Isbrandt, your dentist in St. Charles, IL. Don’t wait when it comes to your smile. Call today!

By Dr. John Isbrandt
July 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedure

Though dentures have been the go-to solution for patients with missing teeth in the past, more and more dentists are recommending dental implantsdental implants as the ideal alternative. It’s estimated that over 3 million Americans have them, and that number is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. Find out if dental implants by Dr. John Isbrandt at his St. Charles, IL office is the right choice for you.

The Dental Implant Procedure
Dental implantation may sound complicated, but it’s actually a pretty straightforward procedure. It starts with a consultation to ensure that you have enough healthy bone tissue to support the implant. After that appointment, another is scheduled to place the device, which resembles a small metal screw. At this visit, the surgeon thoroughly cleanses, prepares and sedates the area first before inserting the device. There’s a waiting period for the gums to heal and for the implant to integrate into the bone, then at the final appointment an abutment and crown are attached to give you a natural looking replacement tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants
While other solutions are available for missing teeth, there are a few key benefits of choosing dental implants:

  • Long-term results (implants can last for 25 years or more).
  • They look and feel very natural—indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • No worries about the replacement tooth coming loose as with dentures.
  • Implants help keep your mouth healthy (the device keeps bone tissue from degrading).

If your goal is to have a natural looking and functioning smile for a long period of time, implants from your St. Charles dentist are the ideal choice.

Are They Right for You?
The sooner you go to the dentist for implants the better the chance that you’ll be a viable candidate. That’s because the healthier the bone tissue in your mouth is, the more likely it will successfully accept the implant. An X-ray can give definitive results as to whether this procedure will be right for you. In some cases, a bone grafting procedure can be done to give you more healthy tissue in advance of an implant. 

Get the Final Word
Only your St. Charles, IL dentist can give you the final word as to whether dental implants will be a solution for your case. Call the office of Dr. Isbrandt at (630) 584-8787 today to schedule a convenient time for an appointment.

By Dr. John Isbrandt
May 20, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Decay, or the dental cavity, is the number one oral health issue in children and adults across the globe, asserts the World Health Organization. Most often the result of weakened enamel or poor oral hygiene, cavities can lead to a dental abscess, or infection, and even to tooth loss.Cavitiy

What's the usual treatment? Fillings help make your teeth strong again after being attacked by dental decay. Dr. John Isbrandt, your St. Charles, IL dentist, diagnoses tooth decay with careful inspection of tooth surfaces, and digital x-rays as needed. He offers the latest in restorative dentistry to bring tooth structure back to full health and great appearance.

What Causes a Cavity?

The human mouth teems with a particular kind of bacteria that thrives on food residues leftover on teeth and in interdental spaces after meals. Twice daily brushing and once a day flossing, as recommended by the American Dental Association, removes much of that sticky biofilm, or plaque.

However, even the most diligent of toothbrushers and flossers miss some plaque. So, twice yearly professional cleanings with Dr. Isbrandt and his staff remove hidden plaque, hard tartar and the bacteria that live in the mouth.

Sometimes, these oral microorganisms have secreted enough enamel-etching acid to damage teeth. That's when cavities form. If decay goes deep enough, the soft pulp in the inner chambers, or root canals, may infect, necessitating endodontic, or root canal, therapy.

Options for Restoring Decay

Metal, or amalgam, fillings have restored cavities for generations. Strong, but dark and unattractive in appearance, amalgam fillings repair damaged teeth and last for many years.

In recent decades, however, the tooth-colored, or composite resin, filling, has become more popular. Unlike its amalgam counterpart, the tooth-colored filling looks good anywhere in the mouth because it is:

  • bonded right to existing tooth structure
  • wonderfully natural-looking and color-matched to tooth enamel
  • smooth and reflects light just like the real thing

Additionally, composite resin, a unique combination of glass and acrylic, flows smoothly into the area prepared for filling. Your St. Charles, IL dentist etches the tooth surface with a special primer and adds the composite resin layer by layer, hardening it with a curing light. The result is a highly durable bond that withstands the constant physical forces of biting, chewing and speaking.

Composite resin also has applications in cosmetic dentistry as it fills gaps, repairs cracks and chips and smooths mildly overcrowded teeth. With good hygiene and avoiding hard foods such as peanut brittle, bonding and tooth-colored fillings stay intact for years.

Improve Your Smile

If you fall prey to dental decay, don't worry. Dr. John Isbrandt, St. Charles, IL dentist, has the resources and expertise to fully restore your smile. Call the office today to make an appointment: (630) 584-8787.

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